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Perhaps I'm not as diligent as some herp keeper but here is what I have done so far. I had a fecal done on my first Leo and it was clear. I had a fecal done on my first snake and it was clear. After that I took in three rescue Leos. Two were housed together but I took one and my b/f took the other one. The one I took was extremely skinny so she went to the vet and had a fecal done which came out clear. Since she was housed with the other one, we just assumed he was free of parasites too. Plus it was the only herp my b/f had so there wasn't a risk of transmitting anything to other herps. We just decided to monitor it's health, which was picture perfect. The third rescue which came from the same family as the other two but was housed separately was the healthiest looking of them all so I did not have him tested since I'd be keeping him separate from the others. I've had them all for almost a year now with no signs of ill health. The most important thing, which I am diligent about is disinfecting your hands in between handlings, cleanings etc. It's one thing to keep herps in separate tanks but it does you no good if you don't disinfect your hands in between. If my herp collection ever grows, I plan to learn to do my own fecal float. I have heard it is not that difficult. Even if I can't identify the parasite I would at least be able to identify a clean fecal. Then if I found something unusual I'd take it to the vet to get checked out. The problem for me is that most vets around here wont do a fecal without examining the animal first for a 40 dollar fee. Plus another 10 for the fecal. I don't know a ton about every reptile but I know my own fairly well, perhaps better than most of the vets I have been to so far so it's only worth the 50 dollars to me if I have a reason to believe something is wrong.
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