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Hmmm... What do I like more. My $30 mourning gecko, or my $150 uroplatus phantatsticus... hmm... or my $100 bearded... Hmm... Well, you know what? My favourite has to be my $5 mantis. Sorry, but I have a special place in my heart for them, no matter how cheap they are. My mournings, they have such a distinct personality. My U.P. is beautiful, the pride of my small collection, he is always the "woah! look at him..." piece when people come over, and he has the goofiest smile
My bearded, he is hilarious, my first true herp (I had bugs before him), and has such a funny way of nodding and turning his head like he's listening to you when you talk to him. My Tarantula is tiny, and I don't know, its just the fact that a tiny little tarantula baby that is supposed to be vicious, won't stop exploring my hand fearlessly whenever I open his vial, and has never even given me a bad look. Cockroaches: How can't you love these things that jsut won't die? I put one in my beardeds tank for a snack one day.. guess he filled up on kingworms. The roach turned up a week later under my stick bug cage, alive and well.
They are all so cute, and very unique. I find that I might have one favourite, but the rest are all tied as second, and price doesn't touch a thing.
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