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A shot of the booth during the day someone asked if anyone had some Ky jelly...i imagine for probing...okay no matter how i say that...its going to come out dirty...regardless..Linds came through!!!

Okay...i was told to do this close up..i swear!!! (Hope my g/f doesn't see this one!!!)

I swear to God this is what Kuriz was doing!!!

Anyone ever seen the t.v. show King of the Hill? Here are members Bearded Al, Jeff and Tutone

Member Zoe always turns up with a smile

Tony L always shows up and gives me pics that are just too easy

Members Silke & Linds at the booth

Member Sean comes to visit the booth

Ladies and spelling teacher...Mr. Scotty....umm allen..errr allan...or alan...or alladin?

Its part of our history...Matt from PcPc is always happy to greet me at every show

Member Pixie and hubby stop by the booth..nice to finally meet you Pixie

Members Melly and b/f Nick

Part of the cool display from PcPc

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