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At the booth..members Dom, Ravi, Baz, and Jeff

Grant Vg and Darren

Is it just me...or does this look like a piece right out of the video for Michael Jackson's Beat it?

Okay..if your stupid enough to pose for deserve it!!! From left to right...Trace, Jeff, Heather, Kate, Grant, Derek, and Jay

Members Eric and Jay (aka Kurzix...who made the journey all the way from Detroit)

I was asked to do this close up...hey..i wont complain!!!

Mod Grant Vg

I captured this of Grant at the end of the day when he was just made me laugh..i know he recently moved...i had no idea it was to the end of the parking lot..lmao!!!

Our mighty WebMaster styling members Heater and Kate

Jeff and Grant at the booth

Member Joe sporting a new pair of shoes...and yes..he paid for those

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