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As the morning progressed, i managed to drag my *** out of bed after only two and a half hours of sleep in order to get to the show and greet the members as they arrived. Lets just right into the pics of the show! The show as you can image was a success as always...many ppl showed up..all vendors i talked to did well..and i was fortunate enough to meet several new members!

I could not resist...its Grant Vg's fault..hes the one who pointed this out to me....this is Darren Hamill...who after Grant mentioned it..i have to agree...he looks like the fonz!!! Okay...sing this in your head while you look at the pic and see if you dont agree.....Sunday Monday Happy Days...Tues, Wednesday Happy Day....

I believe these to be Florida Garder snakes

Members Brian and Trace

Awww who can resist a baby pic..this beauty belongs to Andrew from Mice4You and his wife

This cute lil guy belongs to member Katev17

Member Christina and her daughter

Corey woods at his booth

Members Darren & Melissa

My favorite hectic frenchman Dom

Mods Dom and Matt

Dom having a cold one..thats apple juice

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