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Talking April 6th Toronto expo pics !!!!

Okay gang, this time around there was a real special treat...not only was it the expo..but it was also's first birthday being celebrated, as well as PcPc 15th anniversary. Im going to mix the pics up a little..but ill start with a story...i always have to

The Saturday before the party started out good. I was on my way to drive Jeff to a function that he had to go to. We drove down the Highway with no problems until everytime we hit a little bump the car made a strange noise. Jeff commented to me that he kept getting this strange vibration going up his body as well....and this time he wasnt sitting in my lap and steering ( thats a joke ). So after awhile i finally decided to go and check it out...i figured that it was just my exhaust falling further off. So i look under and find what looked to be like two rod like pieces of metal hanging down just below where jeff was sitting. So i pulled on one...when i did that i noticed that jeff sunk in his seat a little then i kicked it...and when i did that jeff went up. So using my vast mechanical skills...i decided that infact my diagnoses was that the passenger seat was now falling completely through the floor of the car!!! Being the two brave soldiers that we are we decided to carry on as jeff held onto the roof so he didnt fall through and die...maybe one day i will fix that So eventually jeff made it home in one piece and i continued on the way back....when something else happed. My wiper blade...which came as original equipment on my 87 honda decided it was time to leave as it did..right on the highway....ever driven a car in the winter on the highway with your head out the window?

Okay enough of the stories...lets get to the good is some pics and some of the usual characters from the party the night before the show....special thanks to Port Credit Pets for the party and for those members who made the long drive

Here is a shot of the large crowd of ppl who attended the party and who were entertained by local Toronto band The Statistics

For those of you who have never heard The Statistics..check them out online at :
Make sure to watch the cartoon video..its a great vid and a great song...please support the band who supports the site and the herper community as this was a free show!
Here are some pics of the Statistics

And everyone knows PcPc own Chris who is also the guitarist for The Statistics

Some more party pics and faces

Here are Member Heather (a.k.a PunkiePornoStar) and Nick (a.k.a. Chappy)

Here is the man himself with family and friends...Grant from Port Credit Pets

Corey Woods sporting some new fashions

Here is Member Boa and his wife

Member BeeJay.....Thanks for putting up with me at the show sure it was hard!!!

Jeff from PcPc & Aaron

And Jeff & Aaron again..only after more beer

Members Kyle and Jordan

Member Nuno tries to steal a pic of me

An un-identified couple...and Nuno's big head...near the end of the night at the party

So being that the party would run late...and the show was the next day and i had to be there early, i decided that i would stay at a hotel room...instead of doing the drive all the way home. So here are some pics of the hotel, some members...and some of the partying that was going on after the show

Matt K meets and greets the morning sun

Member Katev17 tries to hide under the covers as i break into her room in the morning

Trace in the early morning

My favorite pic of the Morning...Members Melly and Chappy in the early morning...Surprise!!!

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