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Boy, you're not done kicking Aaron yet? lol

I have never seen Chris' store, but I'd like to make some comments about Grant and PCPC.

Here's where Grant says, Uh-oh...what is she doing?

When I first visited the store a few years ago, I thought it was really a sight...I'd never been to an exotic pet shop. It was amazing! But a bit on the frumpy side ... Sorry Grant!

Over the past couple of years, between the the improved look of the store, the nicer displays and the more attentive and knowledgeable staff, I'm tempted to say I'm even more impressed!

The more I learn about herps, the more impressed I am with Grant and his staff's committment to the animals and pet trade in general. Grant's long term involvement in the trade shows, OHS and education through his venues at the Army Club as well as through hands-on demonstrations with children at private events are all worth mentioning.

Thanks for your support and friendship over the years Grant.

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