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Hi Jeff.

I'd love to bring that surinam - but as you probably can remember, we tend to bring more stuff than we have room to display.

Actually, Sheila just said that we should bring a boa display to make you drool. We could bring the salmon, that surinam, a striped tailed male - and maybe an albino (if things go well for us before the show that is). Kind of do a mini Dan U. boa display (which I must say was the nicest display of snakes I've ever seen - so many different and very beautiful boas - it made me feel like when we climbed the rope in gym class)

I don't think we will bring a display like we do at Red Deer. 3 tables really limits us, we are always rushed to pack up - and we have quite a few snakes for sale. We are also picking up some really special things, that we will probably want to display.

I just realized that we have already met a lot of people in this thread. Darren (mcpatch), Mary, you, Jaimie, and Greg (and maybe more, sometimes I don't realize who it is by the nickname -Rethius, Mcpatch <very clever Darren>, vanderkm)

I think that a gathering at the Glenmore on Friday and/or Saturday would be a good idea.

I'm not sure if I would know how to do a Sunday show, if I was not really hung over. The "after show relaxing" is how we have gotten to know and befriend many great reptile people.

I think that 2 evenings, jam packed full of visiting and general debauchery, would be a great way to remember the Glenmore Inn.

So Jeff, are you done your schooling and ready to get back into boas in a big, blatantly boistrous fashion?

Ryan and Sheila
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