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Random pics

The Taiwanese Beauty keeps a watchful eye on the goings on.

I moved a bit closer to take his mug shot and he attempted to become one with the branch, pressing his head into the branch so hard he was squishing his face. Not the friendliest critter.

The Speckled King out for routine tub maintenance, she is much friendlier than the Taiwanese Beauty. Here she is hanging out in a holding tub and showing off her purple tongue.

The Dumeril's Boa waits while his enclosure is cleaned. The rusty red markings on his head are really nice, and you can see some of the beautiful iridescence on his flanks.

The Western Hognose does this just about every time I open her tub, even if there is no food present (unless she happens to be in one of her moods, then she just hisses and headbutts random objects in her tub). If a mouse magically appears in front of her nose she swings at it, wild and awkward. Clearly not an arboreal critter, no matter how hard she tries. If no mouse appears after a few minutes she will slowly retreat back into her tub, you'd swear she was legitimately disgusted with the situation.

A pickup from a recent show, an Eastern Copperhead, hangs onto a DIY juvie snake hook.

Glamour shot.

Another recent pick up, a Gray Banded Kingsnake, poses for a quick shot before being introduced to his new tub. Really happy to have this little guy, beautiful animal.
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