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Talking All-Star Pep Band!

The OCHS Band was invited to be the pep-band at the All-Star game last Friday... Naturally, I got the job of taking the pics.
However, I didn't take all of them, and ended up in a few.

Here's a few for ya.

I'm not normally in any of the pictures(being the one who takes them..), but they got me by surprise.

Lookit! Me on stairs.... o.o;

This is the entire Tri-M chapter. (Tri-M is a music honor group... )

This is the entire French Horn section. It's me and my best friend Lois... (we play the mellophone for pep stuff.)

^^ There ya go, now you know who I am.

- Hattie
On the other hand, you have differnt fingers.
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