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April 05 and 06 Weekend ....

WOW as I shake my self awake I just wanted to take a moment and thank the many friends that helped out this weekend. From the organization of the party to the working of the expo. The entire weekend was a huge social success. Thanks goes out to Dom, Trace, Renee, Beverly, Eric, Kurtis and his crew (Patrick, Jerry), Flatwound Scotty and MATT.

During the expo the excitement was carried over from the evening before. Thanks to the many vendors and those that assisted all around but really the people that need to be acknowledged are people like Nuno, Jon K, Aaron, David Smith, Krista, Lori, Kahane, Helena and MATT. Who all gave more then a helping hand.

And of course the core of the group Shane Tesser, Jeff G, Rockstar Chris, MAtt, Margaret Both, Jeff ********, Steve Marks and papa Horgan.

A special thanks goes out to Roy Stockwell and the Statistics for their outstanding efforts at the party.

Thanks again everyone for the awesome weekend.

Grant Crossman

ps-if I missed anyone please dont be offended I am really half asleep....

(Nick you allright?)

See you all at the next Reptile Expo sooner then you think ....
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