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Taken from the HOWTO Forum, thread title "How to choose an appropriate forum"...

Originally posted by Linds
Not sure where exactly to post your thread? Here's a more detailed description of the forums to help you find out where it fits

<B>General Discussion Forum</B>
This is reserved for threads that do not fit into any of the designated forums.

<B>Front Page Polls Forum</B>
This is where you can post a poll if you want it to appear on the homepage.

<B>Feeder Forum</B>
This is reserved for threads pertaining to the feeder (crickets, roaches, rats, mice, rabbits, fish, etc), such as raising them, etc., not to the animal that is eating them.

<B>Classified Forums</B>
These are self-explanatory. Lizards for sale, go in the For Sale: Lizard Forum, wanted ads go in the Wanted Forums, etc. Snake ads do not go in Lizard Forums, etc. Please refer to the <a href="">rules</a> for these forums. The "Other" Forum is designated for supplies, exotics, amphibians, invertabrates, etc. NO domestics or other non-herp related items please. Classified ads go in the Classified Forums, not species-specific forums, General Forums, etc.

<B>General Species Forums</b>
<I>These include the General Python Forum, the General Boa Forum, General Colubrid Forum, General Venomous Forum, General Lizard Forum, General Amphibian Forum, General Invertabrates Forum, General Fish, General Turtle/Tortoise, and General Crocodilian Forum.</I> These forums are for threads that are of mixed content (more than one species of specified family), for threads that are general in nature - pertaining to more than one species of said family, for threads pertaining to animals that do not already have designated forums.

<B>Species-Specific Forums</B>
<I>These include, but are not limited to, such forums as the Boa Constrictor Forum, Morelia Spilota Forum, Giant Python Forum, Elaphe Guttata Guttata Forum, etc etc. </I>These are for threads pertaining to said species, these threads do not go in the General (Family) Forums, or the General Discussion Forum.
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