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Actually..i think its and acuired taste...they may sound gross but some insects are actually quite tasty...

having lived in asia for the most of my life, i'd say edwin was right about the grasshoppers...they are pretty good eh? i love them for meal worms and crickets...they taste better when they are baked or fried...i've had fried mealworms once and i prepared it myself too...hee.hee..
all i needed was some butter...salt to taste( not too much, the mealworms already add some saltiness, i like to used garlic salt)...and pepper and basil. tasted weird..but i was really hungry then and ate a bunch of it..hahahaha...
think i may go out and try that cricket thing!!!mmmmmmm...crickets......
fry them till they are crispy golden brown and then
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