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Re: FW's (mostly) DIY Snake Room. (Pic heavy)

@dannybgoode, excess pallets are a problem where I work too. One of my coworkers also uses them for his own projects, so he and I are always competing for the nicest pallets.

@Princess-dad, I have that same hook from The Bean Farm! It was basically an impulse buy a while back, I was poking around the site before finalizing an order of heat tape and other supplies. When it came in I looked it over and figured it wasn't bad for ten bucks, but I could probably repurpose something for less. Was doing a little hunting one day while picking up some groceries when I came across the campfire hook. As for the Bean Farm hook, I wound up removing the wire they had wrapped around the handle (how am I supposed to clean that?) and sealing the wood with a few coats of polyurethane. Now it can be washed with soap and water or even dipped in bleach, should it need sterilizing.
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