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I'm visiting mom today and we're looking at this thread and she keeps saying "Bleeecccccchhh! (or however you spell that).

I guess she hasn't picked a winner yet. She flat-out hates most python faces because their teeth are way too evil-looking for her and she claims she can imagine them far too well just from the snout shape even when the mouth is fully closed. What a wuss she is! The whole leglessness thing freaks her out pretty much too. She did say that some of the patterns and colors would be pretty on a blouse or a little handbag or something. IF, and I can't stress that IF enough, it was very clear it was just a fabric and not any blecchy snakeskin.

As for me, it's tough to pick a prettiest snake because my idea of drop-dead gorgeous encompasses most snakes. I do agree with her on the whole snakeskin thing though, it's pretty bleccchy to kill an animal thinking it will make you look prettier.
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