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I hope aim not boring anyone with all my little stories, its just that things around me are so beautiful, I wish all of you can enjoy them as well.
These are the true values of life, you canít buy these moments nor can you commend them, all you can do is appreciate them when they pass by you.

I got my country house 3 years ago, I use to pass part of the day watching hummingbirds evolve in my garden, but being the city guy I was raised to be, iv cut down a patch of flowers mandatory to them, so they moved away last year, that made me pretty upset.
When I got the house I discarded a wood stove, IV been fighting deforestation for 20 years now, so this wood stove wasnít appreciated by me. Last week my wife asked me to discard the remaining of the stove pipe that runs thru the addict, because she says some birds are disturbing the childrenís, obviously she didnít ask the right guy, as I told her I will discard it when the bird are don nesting, this afternoon I was having a the while looking outside at the snow, suddenly right in front of my eyes 15 feet away a peregrine falcon nailed an other bird in my garden, I was amassed at this sight, my wife and doter also, he or she was there doing her thing right in front of me as we can see on TV in the best national geographic documentary, I watched this animal for as long as I could then it flue away with the dead bird, guess where? You got itÖin my old pipe.
This wood burning forest killing machine, is now providing nesting for this rare and magnificent animal. Yes I did take some photos and will post ASAP
I understand this has nothing to do with reptiles, but most of you guys are nature loving peoples, so I guess some of you will appreciate this as well.
Kind regards
Herpetoculture isnít an exact science!!
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