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sharks, sharks

Thanks for the input, listen i didn't want to start a large debate here, and your right your reptile example is dead on. Further more when cats and dogs are kept in stores poorly the opposite often happens and the animals are saved. Far to often are the niche type pets not even considered and this is sad. When i said that i had no problem with the tank i was going by others that i have seen. I personally don't like to see any wild animals kept, zoo or not. For a shark tank in a restaurant i feel it is not bad comparative to some that i have seen in my travels. I remember a local store that had a four thousand gallon tank(name to remain annoymous) with a full sized fifteen year old grouper, two full sized black tip sharks, a moray eel (very large) and a nurse shark, talk about a sad enclosure. Sharks do migrate, i know this, and no set up is suitable other than the wild where they belong. The tank is there for mere shock factor and unfortunately too far people are aware that the type of enclosure is not suitable. Now in their defence (trust me i don't work for them, i don't even like the food) i would like to think that they for the most part are somewhat oblivious to the size requirements period. Im sure there is an outside company that builds and maintains these displays for them. And i guarantee these are the people who are saying no problem, we can get twenty sharks in there! Please dont take this reply wrong. I really don't think its necessary to debate this to death, im very pleased that you are concerned with the well being of the animals, and you should be. The only thing that i could suggest is possibly writing a letter to them with some of the mentioned facts about their animals....who knows, maybe it will do some good, more likely than not, it will probably fall upon deaf ears. And trust me when i say, i am a true fish fanatic, its in my mind 24/7, and have probably visited more aquarium stores than most, i have seen sharks of various varieties in several, and i know of two places recently that i have seen them for sale, and trust me, i have seen some pretty scary enclosures and am ashamed to say i did little to nothing about it, but isn't this really a problem with the whole pet industry? If there is something you think that we can do, let me know and i will help. Thanks for your input, Shane.
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