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Zoe, I see you're just as on -the-ball as I was, and quicker too. I figured a few of those were off, but you beat me to it.
The one I have a problem with is the "people over 50 have spent 5 years waiting in a line"? Hardly, considering we sleep 1/3 of our lives, that's 16.6 years. from say 20-50 yrs. you work at least 8 hours a day, no lines there = 10 years. I read somewhere tht you spend 3 years of your life on the toilet. I'm guessing the first 4 or so years of your life you don't really do much of anything, that only leaves 16.4 years. Of that time, I'm guessing more time is spent waiting at a stop light then in a line of some sort. Though you could probably argue that waiting for a light to change is a line of some sort. I digress.......

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