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Re: 55 gallon freshwater tank

Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
Well I managed to get a decent picture of the Rainbow Shark. More difficult than I would have thought. The second I turn the room light on, he hides. So I left the light off and crawled in the room, but he still saw me and went into his log. Then, he saw me crouching below the desk so he would poke his head out every 5-10 seconds and if I was still there he would go back in. I had to lay completely on the floor beside the desk in the dark for him to come out and not see me. Hence the weird angle of the picture lol.

Anyway, excuse the poor picture quality. It was on my phone and I had to zoom, which makes the quality even worse. And also excuse how bland the tank is. Like I said before, I'm just maintaining it until the fish die (which may never happen at this rate). There's not much up top because the only fish that are left are bottom-dwelling fish.

Sweet tank.😀 And nice fish.😀 one of these days I'll venture into live plants but for now I'm content with where my tank is
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