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Upping my Ball Python game

My Ball Python crew is no longer just a motley collection of rescues! I ordered a female Yellowbelly (top left, she is in deep shed), a male Mystic (top right), and a female Mojave (front and center) over the weekend and they came in today. A female Mojave has been at the top of my Ball Python wish list for a while now, very happy to finally have this little one. The Yellowbelly is a 2014, the Mojave and Mystic are hatchlings. So excited to have these genes to work with, opens up so many new possibilities! Hopefully just a few years away from taking a shot at some very cool combos like a Jigsaw, Mystic Potion, Pastel Yellowbelly, or, if I can get ahold of a male Spark, a Puma! We shall see. In other Ball Python news, my female Spider did not make weight this year so she has to wait another year. But I do have a female Normal ready to go so I'm pairing her with my Pinstripe, hoping for a female Pin to hold back. In a very happy turn of events my typically picky het Albino female has been absolutely hammering everything I put in front of her for a couple months now, if she keeps it up she will definitely be ready to go next fall. So in theory I could have the Spider, the het Albino, and my other Normal female all available next fall. Some decisions to be made. A good problem to have, I think.
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