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I buy what I want. Regardless of cost. If its 1000 then I am saving 1000. If its 50 then I am saving up 50.

A lot of times I have noticed that some people put down colubrids for their cheapness or whatever their reason and say things like "hey get a real snake" as they show their GTP (example). But my reply is that I don't WANT a GTP. And if the only reason they wanted one was because it cost 1000 then they really need to reevauluate why they want snakes.

Some people would be killing each other to get corns if they cost 1000.

I buy what I like. My most prized herps are the ones who have certain personalities, etc. Much like you. I place value on my PERSONAL love for the specific herp. Not the price tag I paid from the breeder.

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