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Well for a first snake I would warn you against getting a red tail boa or any of the large boids period.Do you have the room for a snake that will or could reach 10 feet and weigh up to 60 pounds?Will you be able to take care of such a serpent for 15-20 years or even longer?(they have long life spans if given proper care.)A boa 6 feet or longer is a very powerfull animal and when they wrap around you and do not want to let go you will not make them if they don't want to.I am a pretty good size dude and I can't make a full grown boa unwrap from me when it doesen't want to.

I can't make you do anything that you do not wan't too I can only offer my opinion(I have been keeping snakes for around 20 years or so) I have to stress that a full grown boa constrictor (even if it is a columbian) is a very fast large powerfull animal,and as I have said before many times only the "Tame" snake injures or kills it's keeper.I am not trying to put you off boas (that is all I keep now) I just want you to be sure you know what you are getting into cause it is only fair to the snake you plan on keeping and to you the keeper to be prepared and being prepaerd comes from experience (time effort and patience)I started with garters way back when I was a kid and worked my way up to were I am now. I will probably get a lot of flack from some over what I have said but at the end of the day the choice is yours and yours alone.As I had said before I do hope it all works out for you.



Ps ask some other boid keepers like linds or Jeff flavelle or chris marshell or people who have kept large boids in the past like Roy Stockwell as well as so many others and see what they say,It never hurts to have a range of opinions to go with.
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