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A redtail boa is a great choice, as long as you can handle the possible size they can attain. I'm glad to here your going to do the best you can to get all the info possible. An example of someone who obviously didn't do their research would be my friend. He has had it for three years, and I met him 1 year ago. I walked in yesterday to see it, and he has the snake in one of those cages for chameleons, no heat lamp, no heat pad, but a heat rock. He feeds live all the time, he and his parents think that it will get no bigger than its cage, and that it is poisonous to snakes only, because it can eat other snakes. I'm not sure how he came to that conclusion because I havent heard of an animal that is toxic only to other snakes. I tried to explain that he WILL get bigger than his cage, and not to use a heat pad. But there was NOOOO way they would have it that they are wrong(the mother). His mom isn't very straight in the head(no joke), and she kept on saying that it wont get any bigger etc. She finally got so mad while I was explaining that she told me to get out of her house!!
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