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My little Ninja!

Soooooo, I have an awful track record with aquatics. Usually can kill anything in a month or 3. Longest lived fish was a 5 year old female idea how she made it, but she is missed. Other betas, no matter how well I tried, always died x.x

Well, a while ago I tried again and got a blue fresh water lobster.

He started out pretty small and I kept him in a 3 gallon kritter keeper with a crappy filter. He amazed me and thrived! So, he was moved to my 5 gallon hex tank that I was trying to keep shrimp in. (All but 2 ghost shrimp perished....sadness). He continued to do very well and has shown a good bit of personality as well!

Seeing as how an adult ahould be kept in a 20 long and he was in a cramped 5 gallon hex, I decided to give him an upgrade. He's far from full grown (should get 6-8 inches) so a standard 10 gallon is perfect for now. I also got some small gold fish to give the bigger tank some movement, but because I went the cheap rout, I got feeders who will be in quarintine for a while with treated water to help with any disease or parasites they may have before being introduced to this tank.

Anyway, here are some pics!!!
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