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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

Originally Posted by Tsubaki View Post
As long as she is growing she should be fine, it is a bit of weird age to be only gaining width. But they do switch a bit between length/girth growth. If it leaves such a big bulge it's probably fine. I wouldn't worry about it and just enjoy this beautiful girl
Oh, that was literally one meal, to hold her over until my rodent shipment came in, since I didn't have rat pups on hand. I had no intentions in continuing to feed her those, and her very next meal was a rat pup. I was mainly thinking that the meal size of two fuzzies was equivalent to what she'd be getting with rats, not trying to argue a point to continue feeding them to her. Same when I was discussing the jumbo mice, they were't regular meals by any means, and she's only gotten rats since.

Yeah that's what I thought, too. I was expecting her to be 2-3 years and at least 10' before I started seeing this kind of growth, from what I've heard, but maybe in the next couple of months she'll explode in length to make up for it. lol
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