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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

Originally Posted by Tsubaki View Post
I never weigh my prey, i just look for a fitting sized prey on sight and it has always worked wonders. At least the same size as their girth, but i prefer about 1,5. I'm thinking we're never going to agree on this subject, as i have already told you before in my opinion this animal was getting small meals. I'll accept that, to each their own, she looks fine. However your worries about her growth does makes me feel like wanting to repeat my previous statement. Xena was fed one mouse every 2 weeks for a year by the breeder (maintenance fed), and she was only slightly smaller at a year old than your girl is. She grew fairly slowly even after picking up the feeding pace, only now she is finally getting a decent spurt at 3,5 years old and that is with larger sized prey. Just to get an idea for myself i calculated the rabbit Xena had a few days ago. It was around 35% of her weight, the bulge was gone in 2 days and she ate it with greatest ease. I have raised a lot of retics, i never had a single fat or badly proportioned one. I feed my burmese carefully, my boa's even more so.. But retics, they fair well on large prey is my experience.. I fed my newborn dwarfs weanling rats, never had one that needed to eat mice (Perhaps SD newborns, i have not kept young SD's).

Again not looking to argue, do as you please with this info.
I mean the meals leave like a football-sized bulge in her, I'm really terrible at guessing meal size vs. girth, which is why I'm using the weight method. She was growing rapidly before, if she was growing the same way she has been, she'd easily be 5' by now, but for some reason she hasn't grown any in 2 months, so that's 6"+ of length lost. :/ The next size up I have right now is one large rat, and that's going to be my adult BCI's last meal before I fast him, so she can't have it. lol I'd hate to feed multiples, but I may have to idk.

And you did bring this up before? I don't remember this, hmm.

She is steadily gaining weight, on average 40-50 grams every couple of weeks, but none of it is going to length, all of it is going to girth. If she's getting enough food to get wider and wider, shouldn't she be getting longer, too? I'm just really confused by it.
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