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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

Despite all this weight she's gaining she doesn't seem to be growing much at all in length, most of her weight seems to be going to thickness now. :/ Measuring her on SerpWidgets shows she hasn't grown an inch since I measured her in September, and she definitely doesn't look it in person either, which is why I brought her up on SW in the first place. This seems weird to me because I have both bumped up her food size and upped her feeding frequency to every 7-10 days in the past 2 months.

Over the ~7 months I've had her she's grown pretty much 6" every 2-3 months and now her growth has stopped.

The photo I used to measure her with.

Is it possible she's getting ready hit a huge growth spurt or something? At a year old I'd expect her to still be growing rapidly, but do retics grow in spurts rather than steadily during this time? Or could her being underfed by her breeders/owners have stunted her even worse than I thought?
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