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white tips and black tip reef sharks grow to be around 4- 6 feet. the enclosure that was give was small and not enought space for the sharks to roam. when i was there back in november the black tip was to stressed out it couldn't stay balanced. See reef sharks roam alot and when they are not roaming they ussually find of spot on the ocean floor where they can sleep. The largest shark i have seen was a bull shark, thank god i was 50 feet above it when i saw it , and if i ever saw a shark like a bull in an enclosure that would not suit it i bet it would take a person out, well give them a nice biss bit. but still that tank at rainforest cafe is an extremely small enclosure and its not even enought territory for a single reef shark.

as for keeping sharks, i have seen shark eggs and baby sharks for sale but most of the time they are nurse sharks, such a friendly shark. I haven't seen to many for sale lately but still sharks should be kept in the wild or in a zoo where they can give the proper husbandry. hey, how can some of you support this? if your going suppost bad husbandry with these sharks than why aren't you supporting bad husbandry for reptiles? i say these because we all try and make sure everyone is giveing the proper care and keeping everything properly. so next time one of you who suppost these sharks enclosures sees a retic/boa at a pet store think about what you think of it than realize that its the same situation.

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