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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

Riverrun now weighs about 440 grams, and has officially been moved to small rats, this is her second meal with a small rat. Still waiting on those PVC enclosures! If they don't come until spring, I may have to skip the 4'x2' entirely and put her straight into her 6'x2'. I want to wait until she's 5'-6' before I move her to the 6'x2' so she takes up more room in it.

Here's a pic from today's feeding. Everybody got to be fed today because I'm a few days late on a few of their feedings due to sleeping the past 2 days away and everyone's due. The only ones not fed are Cloud and Bud, because Cloud still has 8 days before he's due and he's currently in shed, and Bud refused f/t. (Several are even rather early tbh, but I figured since so many were behind, I might as well feed everyone)

0.0.1 ball python Bud - 3.3 BI Cloud, sunglow Nymeria, ghost Tirel, anery motley Crona, ghost Howl, jungle Dominika - 2.0 garter snake eastern Demigod, checkered Draco - 0.1 retic Riverrun - RIP (Guin, Morzan, Sanji, and Homura - BRBs)

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