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shark tank

Maybe i can shed some light into this before we end up picketting the restaurant. The sharks that i saw in this tank are small. I did see black tips, white tips, and what i believe are dog sharks. Now i would say the largest on in there was maybe three feet. And this tank had a couple of rock formations only a couple of feet high, and tonnes of swimming space. I have a store located near me that has a 4000 gallon tank with a large nurse shark, and i would say that the tank at the rainforest was twice if not three times the size. This tank has to be close to14 or 16 feet long, and it extends floor to ceiling. Not a regular 8 foot ceiling either, were talking ten feet! Now i have kept fish my entire life, i admit ive never kept sharks, only because i can't afford a tank large enough. But keeping them in this enclosure i had no problems me, im a naturalist, i do not believe in even keeping wild caught fish period, this ive stated before on the fish thread. Over the years i have been to several of their stores, including the one in Boca Raton FL. Now the sight of a large salt water aquarium is awe inspiring, ill have to admit. And most people find no problems in seeing a large tank with tonnes of brightly coloured fish in it. Trust me when i say that the majority of the times you see these type of tanks it is even more cruel. SW fish are extremely territorial, and most of the time those large displays are severily overstocked. Not to mention that the migratory patterns of a lot of these fish are now non existant. So really where do we draw the line. I promise to post my pics of the tank as soon as i get them. I had no problems with the way they are being kept, perhaps when some of the other reader had seen this tank there was larger fish, who knows. Lets not start throwing stones at the RFC, ive seen millions of worse tanks over the year.........this one kind of impressed me.
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