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DIY Snake Hooks!

Skewers make great juvie hooks! This four pack at Walmart is $2.44. Just reshape the loop at the end to your specifications, bevel the tip, and add a handle. I used sticks that came from Crape Myrtle trees in my backyard. I found a limb about the right size, put it in the oven at 225 degrees until completely dry, then cut it down to five inch sections. After stripping the bark, shaping the ends and sanding them down I drilled a 1/8 inch hole about two inches deep to insert the skewer. A bit of glue to secure the skewer and a few coats of polyurethane to seal the wood (optional) and you're done.

Quick and dirty juvie hook. Just straighten out the hanger and run it back through the cardboard tube. Cut a bit off of the tube so that the wires make it all the way through and bend the wire ends back over the tube. Quick, easy, and plenty sturdy, though it is a bit short.

This $2.88 campfire fork from Walmart makes a great mid-sized hook. I made the bends with the fork still attached, the extra leverage made the job very easy. Used the edge of a table to make the initial bends, then the leg of a kitchen chair to shape the hook. A cut-off wheel on a Dremel to remove the fork and a stone to clean up the edges and ta-da! A mid-sized hook, handle and all for less than three bucks and ten minutes worth of work. Cheap enough to have extras laying around anywhere you may need one.

And of course, the paint roller golf club hooks. Requires more materials and labor than the campfire fork hook above, but definitely the way to go if you need a bigger hook. These are two very old clubs I got from a friend. The black handle is my field hook, it was an iron. I found a paint roller made of heavy gauge wire for it, it has proven to be very durable. The red handle hook was a wood, I used a lighter gauge paint roller for it. Many great write-ups on making paint roller golf club hooks out there. Here is the one I used, complete with step by step pictures.
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