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Re: Adult ball python suddenly aggressive out of the blue

Originally Posted by lupegirl8 View Post
I have a super accurate scale that I use for my smaller snake and turtles, but am still working on getting a good accurate one for my blue tongue skink and this ball python. We haven't measured her end to end, but the people at the shelter (where they get A LOT of adult ball pythons) said she was on the larger end of the spectrum in terms of how large a ball python can get. So definitely not small for her age.

We will try a rat on her next feed day and see if that does anything. In the meantime do you think it's worth trying to take her out with my snake tongs/hook and see if she gets less aggressive once she's out of the tank and knows there isn't any food coming? That's the only way we will be able to change her water/bedding. Or would to recommend just waiting until we have given her the rat?

You can use a hook to "hook train" the snake. Gently tap the snake on the head or rub the body and it usually breaks the feeding zone they go into.
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