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Re: Adult ball python suddenly aggressive out of the blue

The other posters are right. What she was fed in the past doesn't mean a damn thing at this point. Snakes change just like people do. If she doesn't want mice, don't feed mice. Feed er 1 giant rat every feeding. She's not a baby anymore so don't feed her like she's a baby. Btw, mice are not near as nutritious as a rat. So REGARDLESS of how many mice you feed her it wont matter.

That's like comparing Ramen Noodles to a Turkey. Ramen may fill you up, but you'll be hungry shortly afterwards. Eat a Turkey and you'll be well fed and content for a long time.

Look at it this way. Mice have low bone density, low fat content and low muscle mass. A jumbo rat is the exact opposite.

It boils down to common sense. I'm not trying to be a hard *** but the answer to your question is so obvious that someone has to be blunt with you and tell it like it is.
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