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Re: Adult ball python suddenly aggressive out of the blue

Originally Posted by Aaron_S View Post
She's starving on mice. Sounds like the snake is really hungry.

My adult females, breeding or not, get a medium rat (150 - 175 grams) once per week. 3 or 4 adult mice do not equal an adult rat.
That would make sense if we had just now switched her to mice, but she was being fed 3 adult mice at the shelter for months to years before we had her. In fact at the time that we adopted her they were feeding her 3 adult mice at a time even less frequently than once a week. She is a thick, active, healthy snake so clearly not "starving".

If anything the amount of food we give her has increased quite a lot since we have had her. Until the last two weeks she was always satiated after her 3 mice; after being fed she didn't look around for more mice and didn't show evidence of being hungry (looking around the cage for food) until the next feeding day.

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