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Re: White Lipped Python

Originally Posted by SnoopySnake View Post
So essentially force feeding? I'm not really sure if I feel okay with that as it seems fairly stressful and he gets stressed easy..As far as the lump goes it was very small about about 1/3rd of the way down his body. Didn't see it till I got home or I wouldn't have went through with getting him...He seems hydrated but I don't see him drink, and he was having regular bowel movements up until he stopped eating but passes urates regularly.
If your husbandry is good then you should pretty much never see your snake drink. Pythons and boas tend to be more built to retain their moisture/humidity. Especially if it's passing urates then it's good.

Also, if you haven't tried live yet go to that before assist feeding.

Originally Posted by reptiledude987 View Post
Yes assist/ force feeding is the same thing. I understand what you mean by the stress on the snake but the way i see it is a vet visit wouldnt be any less stressfull. This is probably the same thing the vet will end up doing anyhow.
Just because I like to be picky and technical, assist feeding is different than force feeding. Now a days in the hobby I think the terms are interchangeable but that wasn't always the case.

Assist feeding is how I would describe placing a prey item into the mouth of a snake, pushing it just barely deep enough to "catch" and the snake does the rest of the work.

Force feeding is using one of two methods. One you literally force the prey item into the throat and work it into the stomach. That's highly stressful.
The second method is using a pinky pump. You insert a tube into the stomach through the mouth/throat and literally pump a pinky slurry into the snake. This is also highly gross and stressful.
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