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Re: White Lipped Python

I just did my first solo assist feed last night with my baby beakie and it wasnt fun. Basically use a food item 1-2 sizes smaller than you would normall use. If the snake wont open its mouth on its own you will need to gently pry it open. To do this you will need to be holding the snake behind the head. With the size of your snake you will also want someone to hold the body while you do this. Once the mouth is open get the mouse/rats head into the snakes mouth. Once its in use forceps to slowly push the prey item into the throat. to do this each push on the prey you will be putting a bit of the end on the forceps into the snakes mouth but thats fine. Once youve pushed the full prey item into the throat gently massage the lump down on the underside of the snake until its a good distance down so that the snake wont regurg it. Once this is done just treat as if it were any normal feeding just dont disturb it and keep an eye to make sure that it keeps it down.

With the lump you mentioned I dont know where it was in the snake. If it was anywhere near the vent there is a possibility of a bowel obstruction. If its drinking thats a good sign thats not the case. If you suspect that it may be an obstruction you want to get it to a vet asap. especially with the amount of time youve had this issue i really hope youve seen a bowel movement. I would hate to see something bad happen to your beautiful friend here.
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