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i do scuba dive so i wanna get some input on this. i have been to the rain forest cafe in niagra falls and personally, my heart was broken when i saw the white tip and the black tip in such a small enclosure.

White tip reef sharks are absolutly harmless you can bug them as much as you want and they won't strike at you. they are very gental and awsome creatures. i had the oppertunity to dive in a area where they are everywhere and i love them, my second fav. marine wildlife besides eagle sting rays.

now black tips reef sharks, these guys are devils. they are extremely aggressive and should not be messed around with. Seeing one in an enclosure that small i could see it giving a couple bites when given the oppertunity.

I personally will never go to a rainforest cafe after seeing this and personally i have no doubt that someone will loose a limb or finger because black tips are not an animal to mess around with.

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