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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

Originally Posted by bigsnakegirl785 View Post
Yeah I know that now. haha Now I give her a quick poke/rub when she stops and she'll flick her eyes forward and go back to crawling, she's way different than my other snakes on that department. I never heard mention of behavior like this before, but I'm glad I found out while she was still small! Are Burms the same way?

So far the move is going smoothly for us, I'm just waiting on my bed and the trailer has some simple fixes that need to be made, although there's several to do. I'm also getting ready to see if any of the snakes I've moved already are ready to eat now (it's been ~4 days now). The only snakes left to be moved now are Draco and Cloud, and it might be awhile for Cloud because we need a truck to move his enclosure; it won't fit in my mom's Jeep or my Blazer at all and I'd rather not tie it on top with the bridge we have to go under.
I've never really thought about this before, but the burms take off like rockets when they're on the floor but if they're lying about on the sofas, then they get defensive hissing pretty loudly and inflating themselves. But they calm down as soon as you pick any part of them up. Jenny just swings her head round gives ya the look of doom and carries on her merry way. And I know what you mean about trying to move a big viv at the moment I'm try to get Jenny's new viv to my house which to be honest is a pain in the butt
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