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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

River now barely fits in the tub I brought her home in, and I can barely snap it shut with her in it. She weighs 378 grams, and seems to be slightly picking up growth, at least in the weight department.

She was looking extra pretty that day, but then I accidentally startled her. lol I left her alone to sniff the air for too long, and when I walked over to her my "sudden appearance" put her straight into defense mode. I managed to not get bit, and gave her time to cool off before picking her up. So I think I'll be starting to bring her hook outside with me as well, so I can give her a poke/rub if I'm not bothering her much.

She was like a little angry ratsnake, head flattened in a triangle and all puffed up. She didn't poop on me or hiss or anything, but the poor girl was just so completely scared for a few seconds. If she's moving around outside, she doesn't have any problems with me just walking up and scooping her up, it's when she's intent on something and is left alone for an extended period of time she gets jumpy.

I've also finally moved into my new place, so she now actually has floor space to crawl around on if I can't take her outside. I've also officially placed my order for 2 T12's and they should arrive sometime over the next couple of months.

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