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Courage for you and your sweet daughter. I agree with Lisa and Bryce Masuk. Some dogs don't tolerate too much children and their strange reactions. since it is not a Lambrador and it's a Chow chow, you should teach her how she can play with each animal. She is lucky to have animals to grow withh. I disagree with LdyDrgn. She must not learn to be afraid of any animal. Simply you must teach her how to "play" with each animal. Animals are great for children. Especialy mammals. Children learn a lot from them with trial and error. It's in our hands that the errors won't be dramatic and paintful. The next thing you have to do is to observe the dog for any change in his behaviour. If all is alright (that i believe to be), i even advise to meet them (daughter-dog) again after some time. It is essential for her to regain her confidence and stop afraid the dog.
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