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OK heres an up date.

Now that I have had a chance to calm down and think rationally about the situation I am convinced it is a bite.

They both were sitting across the room from me so it not like I left them unattended. She was on the floor playing with him, I looked away for a minute or so and I heard a yelp. Dogs don't yelp then scratch they yelp and bite its instinct. Instantly she was crying I looked over and she wasn't knocked down she was still sitting only leaning over sorta doubled up. If the dog used his paw on her she woulda been knocked over by the blow. Also there are 6 scratched the last is very faint and you cant see it in the pic the 2 in front are puncture wounds which I figure had to have come from the canine teeth.
If Jack was an adult dog he would be outta here but he is a puppy and Lenore can be a bit hard on him at times. Ive caught her biting his ears and the list goes on. Jack is the biggest baby he isnt in the slightest mean, when he hears somebody comming up the stairs to the apartment he doesn't bark he whines and wags his tail. Its so embarrasing! I take him to the leashless beach here at least 3 times a week and every else I go, he is very socialized.
Its my belief he didnt do this out of agression but instinct of her hurting him somehow. None the less he is now sporting head gear like he should have been in the first place.
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