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This is me at about 2 yrs old (after surgery):

32 stitches, inside and out. They had to put the membrane together first before the skin...all done with a local It was just me and the doctor. My mom passed out everytime the needle went through my nose. After the third time they drug her out of the room.

This is the *grumble grumble* that did it:

Is it any wonder why I am a cat and snake person now? To me it looks as if your little one got off easy. Chows are notorious for being nippy and at the wrong times. I'm glad she's ok, but it could very well have been much worse. Hugs to you and your family.

edited to add: I wasn't pestering the one that bit me. He was just mean like that. I hope she learns to not pester your dog anymore.
Just keep walking and ignore the monkeys...


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