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Re: White Lipped Python

I saw your thread about having problems feeding. Thats no good. I'm going to try feeding mine tomorrow. Seeing as he coils back looking to strike at any chance he gets, I'm feeling good that mine will eat ok though I'm not fully expecting one or the other.

Thanks for the humidity %. I was keeping him at 75% but was struggling with it due to having to use a tank for the moment. I just threw in some soil topped with mulch. Ive found that a layer of soil under the mulch helps big time with humidity in those tanks. Anyhow, its up at a steady 80 right now. I'm in the last phase of building his proper cage right now. Just need to stain and seal.

I havent had much chance time to handle him yet as I want him a little settled before I get into handling him. He's a quick and feisty guy, always at the ready for whatever comes his way. They're absolutely stunning animals to observe while they move about. Pretty exhilarating to work with thus far.

Was trying to post a pic of mine but im having trouble uploading it to the post. Will try again some other time.
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