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Re: White Lipped Python

Just cause I always see this thread on the front page I'll post here. I got a northern WLP yesterday. Beautiful creatures they are. I used a hook to get him out of the bag and at first he tried to flee but then quickly shot up my hook, up to my hand and struck my thumb lol. It drew some blood but I think I only had one puncture. It felt like a light tap with a pencil (think pencil wars in school where you break them) but it was insanely fast and no wind-up. Was just moving fairly calmly up to me and then BAM! Easy enough to laugh off.

I'll have to measure mine in the coming days but I'm guessing hes about 3 to 3-1/2 feet long. A little bigger than I was expecting from the store tbh but not bad. I'm very excited about him and cant wait to get the time to take some pics. Snoopy, it looks like you have a very very nice snake. Whats the humidity you're keeping yours at? Are sheds coming out well? For some reason when I look up their humidity I struggle to find people that state specifically what % it should be. A lot seem to just say high humidity...i take that to mean 70+ Probably closer to 80.
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