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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

Hmmm, so I'm starting to think that River is younger than the people I bought her from thought. When I bought her, they seemed to think her breeder hatched her out October 2014, making her about 11 months old now, but she's rather small for a nearly yearling retic, being around 4' in length.

She's been growing extremely rapidly in my care, but I don't think she'll reach the expected 5'-6' range within the next month.

But it's also possible she could have been stunted. When I asked how they fed her, they said a fuzzy or hopper mouse every 2 weeks. So, if that feeding schedule was accurate, she was way underfed. She should have been eating rat pups at the time. Currently, she's eating weaned rats every 10-14 days, but she is already just about ready to move up to small rats, I'm sure she'll be big enough within the next month. Right now, large weaned rats are still 15% of her weight, so she'll be kept on them for awhile longer.

Is it possible that that feeding schedule could have put her 1'-2' under average yearling size? She's growing more and more rapidly as time goes on, so I think she'll reach 5'-6' not long after she turns a year, but she won't reach it within her first year if her hatch date was indeed last October.
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