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Unhappy Help

Ok I am now SO close to tears I feel sick. My daughter was sitting next to the chair playing with our dog who happens to be a 9 month chow. I hear a yelp and next thing I know my kid is crying I scold the dog and throw him out side and hold my daughter without even looking at her face then when I get her calmed down I see this........

Only with a bit more blood

She says he bit her to me it looks like a scratch. He has never bitten anyone or thing so I dont know what to believe if its a bite He is out the door I cant have that here with a 2 year old. I love that dog but I love her more. Id like to believe her but then again Ive seen her say he has bitten her before when I was watching and he was no where near her.

I dont know what to do aside from ask what do you guys think bite or scratch?

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