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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

River on top of her humid hide, I couldn't find anything smaller once she outgrew her old humid hide, but she should be able to use this for a few months before she outgrows it, too.

Here's a visual of her growth since I got her in April.

The day I got her April 4.

From Sunday the 16th.

I didn't mention in this thread, but last month she rubbed her head after a feeding. I didn't latch her tub as I was going to do something in her tub (don't remember what) and didn't want to have to unlatch her tub again after just a few hours since it's hard to open. Well, she managed to get up under the lid and pop her head out. I pushed her back in and latched the tub, deciding to save it for another day. Unfortunately, her near escape got her hopeful and she pushed on her tub and injured a few of her head scales. No skin came off and there were no scabs at the time, just a few scales that were raised but unbroken.

Well, over the past few days the thin covering on her scales has been flaking off and there's a part where some of the scale is missing and it's got a small scab. It doesn't look like she's been rubbing any more, it just looks like maybe it's further into a healing process, if that makes any sense? I'm just wondering if anyone thinks maybe her scales will heal up after a few sheds, or if she's going to be scarred, just from these pictures? The swelling or whatever has gone down by a lot, there's no puss or anything like that so generally it looks better, it's just the fact that now a small piece of her scales are missing and there's that scab there that has me wondering.

She shed last month before this incident, so she hasn't shed since rubbing her head, so I'm not sure how it's going to look when she does, but she's just about due for one so shouldn't be long. As said earlier, she doesn't appear to have rubbed at all since that incident so I think it was just the glance at freedom that caused it, although I do plan on getting her new enclosure in a few months just in case she has been rubbing still as she's getting pretty big for her tub. I'll buy the enclosure in a few weeks, but I hear it takes a month or two for AP to ship out their enclosures, so it will be 2-3 months or so before she gets her upgrade. That will be just temporary as I've got a 6'x2' to put her in, but I wanted to have her in a 4'x2' for a bit before moving her into it. Then her 4'x2' will go to Sanji.

Here are the photos of her rub.

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