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It's funny, I've been a big fan of wrestling since I was about 5, 20 odd years or so, and I don't live in a trailer, I don't solely subsist on a diet of Kraft Dinner and I don't have any kids in the playground with track pants and black dress socks with sand-caked snot on their upper lip. Actually I think that in the last two years or so, wrestling has really classed-up a bit. I have to admit that I do long for the days of the JYD, Tito Santana, Don "The Rock" Muraco (The REAL rock), Hillbilly Jim, and the likes. Back in 'the day', wrestling was simpler, more wholesome, not like all the T&A of the last few years. I am glad to see that all the sex has been toned down, and that the whole 'wrestling is real' crap has ended also. Sports Entertainment, we know the matches are staged, the moves are real, and they are wholly, great athletes. It is nice to see that the scripts are also a lot more simple; More a caricature of themselves. They now can poke fun at themselves, which is a breathe of fresh air. I will continue to watch, and continue to love it.
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