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Re: FW's (mostly) DIY Snake Room. (Pic heavy)

Originally Posted by trailblazer295 View Post
That's some good points, thanks for breaking it down. It doesn't have to be to the penny was just curious on the rough ball park figure. I'm sure materials would cost more here anyway. The doors are the biggest hang up I have as I'd be looking at a small locality BCI but they can posses some power when they chose to exert themselves. Not sure how the fit and security goes in terms of preventing escapes would go. At least with PVC cages keyed locks are locks and they can't be opened. And a full grown boa would actually be a threat to my cat.

Nice looking babies, keep us posted on the progress.
The sliding glass doors are very secure, the gap between the glass doors where they overlap is less than a quarter inch. Anything that could fit through that gap probably shouldn't be kept in an enclosure that size anyway. I don't expect there is much chance of an animal actually sliding the doors open but any concern could be eliminated with a sliding glass window lock. The only real problem is that a strong snake could actually break the glass, and in that event severe injury to the snake is probably going to be a bigger issue than escape. I have a young Dumeril's Boa that will need a bigger enclosure in a year or so, so I'll be looking into different door options for larger enclosures pretty soon myself.
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