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Reptile TV show

I was just wondering and thinking about the fact that so many people misunderstand reptiles as pets. Secondly, exotic pets are getting to be more popular as time goes on so I thought, why aren't there any shows on pet reptiles?!

I think it would be a great idea, there are so many species and things to learn about them but all you see on discovery or animal planet are these animals in the wild. What about those who keep them as pets, I think we should have a show just about reptiles as pets. It could cover so much, basic info on species, husbandry, etc...

I think it would be great for those already in the hobby to enjoy and it would also help the way people see reptiles as pets. How better to educate the public by having a professional show on herp with a host that's a herpetologist, or at least very much experienced in the field.

I think that Animal planet would be the most open to such a show idea. I was thinking of writing up a letter and sending it along with as many hobbiest's "signatures" as we could get. Since the channel is diffused in many countries, it wouldn't matter from where you are.

What do you guys think? Worth a shot?

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